DISCIPLINED AGILE training and certification (soon...)

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Advance Your Career as a Leader in Agile for the Enterprise

The Value of Disciplined Agile Certification

Disciplined Agile Certification is for agile professionals working in enterprise-class settings. For individuals, certification demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of Disciplined Agile as well as a clear sign of professionalism. For the enterprise, Disciplined Agile Certification is an indication that your people have a comprehensive understanding of enterprise-class development, and not just cargo cult agile. There is a direct correlation between teams comprised of Disciplined Agile Certification holders and greater productivity, higher-quality, and better morale.


There are three main stages of Disciplined Agile Certification. Beginner, intermediate, and expert mentor. The designations of Disciplined Agile Certification are earned through education and demonstrated experience.

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Training must be provided by a Certified DA instructor. You can attend a workshop or webinar or work with a trusted DA partner.

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Passing the Test

Each test involves 50 randomly selected, multiple choice questions. To prepare, you must take the corresponding certification workshop. We also suggest you read Choose Your WoW! A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook for Optimizing Your Way of Working.

A Progressive Approach to Certification

Unlike many Agile certifications, Disciplined Agile Certification begins by laying a strong foundation. From there, to progress through each level of certification, you must not only pass a test but provide demonstrable, real-life expertise over time.

Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner (CDAP)


The CDAP designation indicates that you are experienced at agile solution delivery and are on your way to becoming a generalizing specialist. It can be earned once you have gained two or more years of Agile team experience and have passed the Disciplined Agile Certification test. This stage requires experience reference checks.

Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master (DALSM)

The DALSM designation indicates you are an experienced leader in agile solution delivery. Earning the DALSM requires you to take the DALSM workshop, pass the Disciplined Agile Certification Test, and gain two or more years of agile team experience in a lead role (PO, TL/SM, AO). This stage requires experience reference checks.

Certified Disciplined Agile Coach (CDAC)

The CDAC designation indicates that you are a trusted expert with significant proficiency with DA. You can coach people and advise organizations in the adoption and tailoring of DA. You can earn this designation once you have gained 5 years of agile experience, including 3 years of coaching/leadership experience and submit an application with references. This stage also requires you to pass a Peer interview.

Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor (CDAI)

Attaining the CDAI designation indicates you are a trusted expert with proficiency in Disciplined Agile. Those who seek the CDAI designation are experienced practitioners who are also effective communicators, dedicated to providing the best experience for students. References for your expertise are required from two agile teams.